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Who we are

Hila Shiloni Rosner

Hila Shiloni is a photographer and social entrepreneur. She specializes in social justice through personal connections, community involvement, and developing networks of mutual support.
Hila grew up in Kiryat Arba in a diverse, observant-secular family. After her studies, she dedicated two and a half years in national service on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, where she was involved in education and agriculture.
Hila pursued photography studies at Musrara School in Jerusalem and transitioned into event photography. She serves as the official photographer for Women of the Wall and for institutions such as the Hebrew University, the Hartman Institute, and the Jerusalem Municipality.
At the age of 24, Hila came out of the closet and joined "Bat Kol," an organization for LGBTQ+ individuals on the religious spectrum. Hila initiated events and group meetings within the organization, eventually becoming a board member and serving for a year and a half in a volunteer capacity.
Hila has also volunteered for a decade with "Beit Hagalgalim," an organization working with youth with disabilities. She rose to become the team leader, overseeing its budget, which included the construction of a week-long camp. For its needs, she successfully raised tens of thousands of shekels.
Hila also assists in fundraising for the "Good Neighbor" association for large food deliveries during holidays, as well as for families in need who prefer not to rely on associations.
With the outbreak of the war, Hila discovered that many people were donating equipment, clothes, and food, but not necessarily what people truly needed. She established The Shiloni Project to offer personalized and individualized responses according to specific needs. Hila leads the volunteer group with the core principle of tending to people’s physical and emotional well-being. By establishing personal connections with those she aids, she ensures they receive precisely what they need without any excess.

Maya Ohana Moreno

I am Maya Ohana Moreno, mother of five, widow of Emmanuel Moreno z"l, killed in the Second Lebanon War, and the wife of Eliran Ohana. I have a BA in Middle East Studies from Bar Ilan University. I lecture on providing tools for crisis situations – tools born from my personal life story and my own losses.
I have lived in the village (moshav) which is part of the Gaza border communities, and I have raised my children there believing that these communities are not needed to encircle Gaza but rather to embrace Israel.
From the moment this war broke out at 6:30 a.m. with the sound of rockets, I've been devoting myself to public, civilian, and military action: Supporting families searching for their missing loved ones and supporting the military forces that come to our village. I support soldiers with food and equipment. Through this work, I connected with the incredible Shiloni Project in Jerusalem, which essentially provides all the equipment I request on a personal order basis. We make sure the lists are accurate and tailored to specific soldiers' needs

Vered Resnick

Vered Resnick is a Ph.D. candidate at Hebrew University's School of Education and a fellow in the Mandel Program for Academic Leadership in Teacher Education. Vered is the head of the Interdisciplinary Teaching Program at The Hebrew University. She holds a BA in international relations from the Hebrew University, a Master's in Organizational Development from Marymount University in Virginia, and a Teaching Certificate from National Louis University in Illinois.
Reflecting on the initial days of the war, Vered shares, "The first couple of days, I was paralyzed. I was glued to the news, barely leaving my room. On day three, I stumbled upon Shiloni’s Facebook post, where she sought someone in the neighborhood to assist with printing documents for troops in the south. I figured I could at least push the Print button. I brought her the documents and, truthfully, never left." For Vered, being involved in the Shiloni’s Project transcends the practical. It's about the chance to weave a different narrative for her children amidst the horror. A narrative of generosity, kindness, solidarity, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit.

Chen Moyal

Chen Moyal is a licensed lawyer registered with the Israel Bar Association, holding an LLM and LLB in Law from Bar Ilan University. She has co-founded a prominent Gen-Z fashion brand in Tel Aviv since 2020. For the previous 11 years, she served as a corporate lawyer and then a partner at Israel's largest law firm.

Chen discovered the Shiloni Project in the chaotic first days of the war and felt compelled to contribute. She reached out to families fleeing the south of Israel who were placed in a hotel in Tel Aviv, expanding the Shiloni’s Project circle of impact. She and her volunteers offer direct support to individuals during their most desperate time.

Rivka Granvitz

Rivka was raised in Ashkelon, where her parents still reside to this day. In recent years, she has been living with her family in Jerusalem. She works as a producer and artists manager alongside her work in education. She holds a bachelor׳s degree in education and a master׳s degree in counseling from Bar Ilan University.
Growing up in the southern area of Israel, life under the shadow of rockets is a familiar and palpable experience for her.
After the horrific events of October 7th, she roamed Facebook in an attempt to find a way to help. There, she came across a post by Hila Shiloni. In the post, Hila wrote that she is looking for a ״project person״ to be by her side. “I contacted her immediately, and since then, I have been trying to be the Shiloni Project ‘project person’, the one doing the logistics and coordination.
My responsibility is divided into two main areas: organizing the daily food and equipment deliveries and gathering requests from the evacuee community we aid. I work with our tireless volunteers to fulfill every need. Although it seems like we are in one long and terrible day with no night, I can see a change in the requests coming in - if, at first, they were mainly requests for basic needs like clothes, shoes, hygiene products, etc., now we see more touching requests. One that resonated with me was a request for a birthday cake from a caring mom. She asked me if we could take care of it and if it was not too much to ask. I agreed immediately. Someone who wants to celebrate a birthday is a person who still loves life despite the terrible pain. I see it as a little sign of hope. I know that the road to rehabilitation is long. The needs would change. Increase? Decrease? I don’t know. I know I am part of the Shiloni Project, and we are all here together to rebuild our beloved country”.

Dorit Graiver

Dorit Graiver, a certified tour guide endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Communication from Bar Ilan University. Additionally, she is a graduate of Holocaust Studies from Yad Vashem where is serves as an accredited guide. Beyond her expertise, Dorit is also the manager and proprietor of the tourism company "Yerushalmit." She is a dedicated Jerusalem activist, deeply involved in community initiatives and social justice. As a mother of four, she proudly calls Jerusalem her home.
In the wake of the war, Dorit lends her helping hand at Jerusalem, providing crucial support to 350 displaced individuals from Southern Israel. Her heart truly finds its home in the threads of connections she weaves between the displaced people and the welcoming Jerusalem community. Whether it's a skilled Jerusalem makeup artist assisting a mother for her son's Bar Mitzvah, a caring young man accompanying a worried family through the streets, or a brave disabled woman driving another who has just lost her father in the war to the Kotel, Dorit's compassionate touch leaves an indelible mark.

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