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Supporting our Soldiers

Supporting our Soldiers

With our enduring motto of prioritizing individual needs, we seek out the unique stories of soldiers who lack something irreplaceable. It could be a specific piece of equipment, orthopedic shoes, crucial medicine that was left at home in the rash of the first hours, or a pair of much-needed eyeglasses.
When the war began, thriving residential areas were swiftly transformed into military zones. The entire Israeli society joins hands in backing these areas, and we also do our share. We are met with incredible stories - the one who was evacuated from his home in the south and then enlisted, having no personal items to pack, and the one whose boots were melted from carrying people through burning fields. We listen attentively to understand urgent needs, even when the soldiers hesitate to ask. Thanks to our dedicated volunteer base, we do everything within our power to ensure they receive what is most essential to them as an act of support and application.



On October 6, 2023, Or Levy and his wife Eynav decided to skip the beginning of the Nova Music Festival so they could spend an extra night with their two-year-old son, Almog. They woke up early the next morning and drove south, arriving at Kibbutz Re'im minutes before Hamas infiltrated the site. Or and Eynav quickly turned their car around and sought refuge at a nearby bomb shelter. They believed they were safe. Only ten minutes passed before Hamas terrorists entered their shelter, brutally murdering Eynav and kidnapping Or. 

Suddenly Almog was left without a mother and with a father who has now been missing for over 175 days. Almog is staying with both sets of grandparents and he has continuously been asking for his mom and dad. 




Let’s raise funds to help the Levy family navigate the aftermath of October 7th and its profound and devastating impact on their family. 


Together we will provide: 

- Support for family reintegration (therapy, housing, caregiving, etc.)

- Ongoing support for Almog and his caregivers (meals, clothing, etc.)

- Educational and social support (tutoring, extracurricular programs,       

   current/future education, etc.)

- Material support for the broader Levy family as they advocate for Or's



TO DONATE: Click the following link:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please add the following message in the comment box: “Attn: Chen Moyal/Levy Family Support.” All donations are tax deductible and will be managed through the Shiloni Project, in partnership with AID Coalition, a registered 501(c)(3) - EIN 93-1616002*


Stay up to date and learn more about Or by following on instagram: @bringornow

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